How to Use WunderPreview With GitLab On-Premise

WunderPreview supports Gitlab and Gitlab on-premise to create zero setup app previews by default. In this guide you'll learn how to add WunderPreview to your Gitlab on-premise installation.

Creating a new Gitlab OAuth Application

In order to login with WunderPreview to your on-premise Gitlab installation you'll need to create a new Gitlab application first.
A Gitlab application can be created in two ways.

If you have admin privileges, you can create the app via the Admin Area -> Applications.
For all other users, you can create the Gitlab application via Preferences -> Applications and select "New application".

  • Set the name to WunderPreview
  • As the redirect URI use
  • Select that the WunderPreview app is
    • Trusted (for admin users only) and
    • Confidential
  • Select the scopes for
    • api
    • read_user
    • read_repository

WunderPreview requires all the scopes from above in order to work.

Screenshot of creating a new Gitlab application for WunderPreview
Create a new Gitlab application for WunderPreview

Once you have created the Gitlab application, Gitlab will generate an Application ID and a Secret for your application.
Those values will be required by WunderPreview in order to allow your users to login with your on-premise Gitlab installation.

Screenshot of the newly created gitlab application for WunderPreview
The Gitlab application for WunderPreview was successfully created

Finishing touches

In order to get everything up & running. We'll need to set up your Gitlab on-premise installation on our end as well. This usually happens during a brief onboarding call (15-30 minutes) where we finalize everything and set up your first project to work with WunderPreview.

In this call we'll need the URL to your Gitlab installation, the Application ID and Secret mentioned before.

Do you have any questions or remarks? Just send us an email to We are happy to hear from you!

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Screenshot of WunderPreview Dashboard