How to get a static IP address of a preview to add it to a allow-list

Sometimes you want to connect from our WunderPreview previews to your existing infrastructure (Like a staging Elastic Search server or something similar)

And sometimes you have IP allow-listing in place, so not everyone can connect to your server, but only a selected list of IP addresses you configure.

All our customers previews are running in our secure VPC and are connecting to the outside internet over our NAT gateway. The gateway has the static IP address

So if you have a service that needs you to add an IP address to an allow-list to make connections possible use this IP address.

But to make this clear:

We absolutely advice you against connecting to your production systems from any of your WunderPreview previews! This is bad practice in general.

Maybe there is another solution other than connection to your existing system. Write us a quick email at, maybe we can figure out another solution together.

Do you have any questions or remarks? Just send us an email to We are happy to hear from you!

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