WunderPreview offers a ton of functionality to give you the freedom to build dynamic preview environments for everyone on your team.

With ease you can set up simple one-container-applications to complex preview-clusters that span multiple repositories and frontend and backend services.

Dive in and discover the magic of WunderPreview ✨

Getting started with WunderPreview

From zero to a running preview in almost no time! In this guide, we’ll show you everything you need to do to get automated previews for your software project.

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An intro to WunderPreview preview URLs

With WunderPreview, every commit can be previewed via a unique URL. In this guide we'll give you a quick tour about the types of preview URLs WunderPreview has to offer.

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How to Configure Your Preview With Env Vars and Docker Build-Args

Learn how to use environment variables and Docker build-args to configure your preview.

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Speed up WunderPreview integration with local debugging

How to build and run your preview on your local machine the same way it is build/run in WunderPreview. This speeds up the initial configuration and helps troubleshooting integration of your project with WunderPreview.

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How to use a private Docker registry

Learn how to use private Docker registries such as GitHub Packages to build and serve your previews.

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How to connect to my WunderPreview database

WunderPreview enables you to set up organization-wide PostgreSQL databases in an instant. Learn how to use them in your preview environment.

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Speeding up your preview & review workflow with labels

Get the most out of WunderPreview and speed up your preview & review workflows with pul l request labels.

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How can my previews communicate with each other (forming a preview cluster)

Create a preview cluster by connecting your preview to each other.

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How to use a private npm registry like FontAwesome Pro

Learn how to use private npm registries such as GitHub Packages in your previews.

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How to get a static IP address of a preview to add it to a allow-list

Allowing access from your preview to your existing infrastructure by adding the IP address of your preview to an allow-list.

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How to Use WunderPreview With GitLab On-Premise

WunderPreview supports Gitlab and Gitlab on-premise to create zero setup app previews by default. In this guide you'll learn how to add WunderPreview to your Gitlab on-premise installation.

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Keep things moving with automated previews.

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