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WunderPreview enables everyone on your dev team to independently preview code changes at any time. Instantly. Simplified feedback loops lead to faster development and clearer communication. Spend time creating value, not code previews.

The Founders

Photo of Anton Pirker

Anton Pirker

Anton Pirker likes to put his heart and soul into the software he creates. Loves the cloud and developer meetups. Currently trying to resist getting addicted to lego together with his four year old daughter. Co-founder of WunderPreview.

Photo of Stefan Malzner

Stefan Malzner

Stefan Malzner is an award winning Vienna based product designer, father, burger lover, founder of Franz and co-founder of WunderPreview.

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We're always looking for brilliant minds in the areas of software development, DevOps, technical sales or any other role that helps to make better software.

We don't care about location, gender, ethnicity or religion. If you burn for automating development processes then talk to us.

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Keep things moving with automated previews.

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