Increase Your Momentum With Faster Feedback Loops

Software development is a lot about getting into the flow. Getting into an undisturbed state where you can just develop away.

But being in the flow is not everything. You can not write 10,000 lines of code in one session and then hit the "run" button and everything works as expected.

Developers work best with tight feedback loops. You write a function, you compile it. You fix something, you compile it. You add a unit test, you compile it.

Software developers work best on tight feedback loops.
Software developers work best on tight feedback loops. (Photo by Adam Jang on Unsplash)

Getting constant feedback is essential to development. It ensures that your code is correct, well tested and maintainable.

You need to have feedback on the code level but also on the project level from the users of the feature you are developing. Feedback to the question: "Does this new feature solve the problem the user is facing"?

With WunderPreview you can add this sort of stakeholder feedback loop right into your software development workflow:

  • You develop a grand new feature
  • When you have a working version ready, you create a pull request
  • WunderPreview creates a running preview environment of your new feature and posts a link to it into your pull request
  • The product manager can review the feature by clicking the link (no technical knowledge needed what so ever)
  • The product manager can also send the link to friendly customers or beta testers
  • You get feedback from the product manager directly in your pull request
  • Rinse and repeat
  • Feedback Loop in WunderPreview

    WunderPreview makes it easy to create a tight feedback loop between developers and non technical stakeholders.

    $ git add .
    $ git commit -m 'Add new experiment'
    $ git pushĀ 


    WunderPreview creates live previews for code changes ā€“ almost magically. As many as you need. WunderPreview builds a live preview and deploys it to our secure cloud.

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    Every pull request receives a preview link that everyone on your team can visit.

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    Bring others up to speed: show your team what you've been working on, or give your client a visual preview of that new feature! Faster feedback loops, better results.

    In Conclusion

    Having a tight feedback loop from users of the software and other stakeholders is great to identify problems early on. The earlier you identify problems, the cheaper it is to fix them.

    Tight feedback loops:

  • identify usability design flaws,
  • show eventual security problems,
  • maybe show performance bottle necks,
  • and also can reveal that the customer and you had a complete opposite understanding of how the software should work!
  • Uncovering these issues early on will save you a lot of frustration and money down the line!

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