Franz ❤

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How Franz drastically reduced the lead time for new features.

Franz is a multi messaging desktop app used by hundreds of thousands of users world wide.

Besides the desktop app, Franz also has a website handling the registration and payment process and an API tying everything together.

Franz has a small but efficient product development team.

The Challenge

Because of it's big user base, Franz had to support a variety of payment methods, to work with users in different parts of the world. Each payment method has its unique payment flow displaying screens and forms fill out.

While implementing all this the Franz team also worked on the Franz Workspaces feature.

Because the Franz desktop app is available for all major operating systems, there are different testers on different locations.

Working on multiple features in parallel and thoroughly testing those features all at the same time was challenging for the Franz team.

The Solution

The Franz team used WunderPreview to have different versions of the backend API running in parallel, one for the new payment features and one for the new Franz Workspaces feature. Because WunderPreview is easy to setup the team had this setup in a matter of minutes.

This enabled the Franz team to create numerous test builds of the desktop app that all connect to different versions of the backend. These different test builds could be tested by the distributed testing team in parallel, a big time saver!

Photo of Stefan Malzner, CEO of Franz
Logo of Franz

We can now work on multiple features at the same time, without spending any time on setting up infrastructure or processes. With WunderPreview it kind of feels like our team has doubled in size because we get so much more done. Highly recommended!

Stefan Malzner
CEO Franz

The Benefit

Having multiple versions of the API running at the same time using WunderPreview made it possible to implement and test multiple features in parallel.

Time to market decreased and the team works more focused now.

Franz is a small but efficient development team. WunderPreview gave them the power to utilize their resources as effectively as possible.

"We can not imagine working without WunderPreview anymore 💪", says Franz CEO Stefan Malzner.

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