Faster Employee Onboarding With Docker

It takes time for new employees to get up and running. They need learn their away around the office how the coffee machine works. New hires also need to learn where all the code is and how to get it running.

Docker gives you faster employee onboarding
Docker gives you faster employee onboarding (Photo by Espen Bierud on Unsplash)

Employee Onboarding Made Easy

So the first couple of days a new team member usually spent setting up the development environment. Getting access to the code, email, project management software and the staging environment. Installing the right databases, caches, development libraries. Configuring everything right so everything works together. All this takes time.

At least the part with getting the code and also getting it to run on the local machine can be speed up drastically. If you have a well maintained Docker configuration and follow at least some of the principles of the twelve-factor app this part is easy:

  • Get access to the source code management system
  • Get all the source code
  • Build the Docker image
  • Run it
  • It is also great to have step by step guide by hand to help with this process. So new team members can get the system running on their local developer machine in minutes on their first day.

    New hires want to shine on their first day, so make it easy for them to do. Avoid that they need to install and tweak configuration of dozens of complex tools and libraries. This kills motivation and momentum.

    High Level Overview of the System

    I a new employee has the Docker based system running on her developer machine, she automatically has a high level overview of the system just by listing all the Docker containers that are running.

    On one glance you can see what database containers are running, if you have multiple (micro) services running or if everything is one big monolith.

    This gives the new team member an instant overview of software or service the company is running. This can help to find yourself around in all those code and also to understand the bigger picture.


    Having a well groomed Docker setup helps new employees to become productive very fast. It also gives a high level view of all the software the company is running.

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